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Are you looking for your dream job but haven’t been able to find the right company yet? Or maybe you are looking for the ideal candidate for a special job post but not finding the right person? This wouldn’t happen if you are subscribed to Maria Logan recruitment agency. It is the perfect bridge between the candidate and the employer. As an employer, you can post the job vacancy that you have in your company. You can mention the type of work that the employee should be experienced in, the age limit for the particular job, and all the other requirements that you think is important. There are many companies who like to specify the salary amount as well. This generally helps to shortlist the candidates easily because the ones who are really interested to work within that salary limit will contact for the job.

As a candidate who is looking for a job, this is the ideal portal that will help you find that dream job. There are many eligible candidates who have the right qualification and experience but just because they are not aware of any recruitment agencies, they are not able to apply for the right job. This is a golden chance for them to go through a list of employment opportunities and choose the job they really like. It is a platform both for the employee and the potential employee to find the best candidate and the best job so that everyone is happy with their choice.

Importance of recruitment agencies for the employer 

The popularity of recruitment agencies has increased over the last decade because it has helped people a lot. They have become the ideal platform to choose from a range of candidates for a particular job. Here are some of the reasons why Maria Logan recruitment agency can be beneficial for your company:

Screened employees 


When you specify the requirements for a job, you are automatically setting filters that help to screen from a large number of candidates to a handful of them. When recruitment agencies first started, companies just mentioned the type of job vacancy and the number of posts that were vacant. This led to a chaos because there were hundreds of applicants for the same job. As the recruitment agencies started to streamline the features and functions of the website, employers were able to specify a lot of extra details that helped them screen the candidates easily. Age limit, experience, skill sets, and various other factors were added that gave the employers fewer candidates to choose from.

Work of the HR becomes easier 


imagine an HR going through hundreds of CVs every day and interviewing unqualified candidates for a job post. That can be so frustrating, isn’t it? This is another reason why Maria Logan recruitment agency comes to your rescue. Candidates who are qualified for the job can only apply on the portal. This makes it easier for the HR to go through the CV in detail, judge whether the candidate is suitable for the job, and then arrange for a face-to-face interview.


Advertising for a job post in the newspaper or on magazines can be quite costly. If your company is new and looking for fresh candidates who have a hunger for the job, you can post your job on the website of Maria Logan recruitment agency. You don’t have to worry about the fees because the subscription charges are minimal.

Importance of recruitment agencies for the candidate 

There is no doubt that recruitment agencies are like the shopping mall for employers. On the flip side, it is also an opportunity for the candidate to find the right job that he/she thinks they are good at. So, let’s take a look at some of the benefits that recruitment agencies have for potential employees:

A wide range of jobs 

Let’s face it, when there are only a couple of job vacancies available, you are compelled to take the job rather than think what is best for you. However, when there are so many jobs and companies requiring the service of a hard-working employee, it is hard not to go through the variety of options in hand. It is just like buying clothes from an online store. You go through the jobs and apply for the one that you think is suitable for you. If you are not selected for the interview, you can try again with other companies.

Select from your sector 


the recruitment agency will allow you to filter the jobs according to your sector. If you are an accounting guy, you can look for the jobs available in the finance or accountancy section, if you want a job in the IT sector, you can go through the job vacancies in that section, and so on. There is no shortage of sector or industry and there are vacancies in almost every sector. So, the choice is yours as the options are plenty.

Updated jobs every week 


In case you are not able to crack an interview or your CV doesn’t get selected, there is nothing to be disheartened about. The website is updated every time there is a new job vacancy and you can expect to hit the bull’s eye the next time you apply. There will be no shortage of companies offering you the right job for your qualifications. All you have to do is keep in touch with the recruitment agency.

Bottom line 

With the introduction of recruitment agencies, finding a job and finding an employee has both become easier than before. The HR department can at least calm down and find the right employee who can go on to become one of the best employees in the company. The screening process and the platter of available candidates and jobs have made it a real game changer for both the parties. So, buck up and brace yourself because either way, you have a golden opportunity in your hands.